Apostle Grace Lubega

Founder, Phaneroo Ministries

Apostle Grace Lubega is the father and founder of Phaneroo Ministries; a fast-growing ministry in Africa.

At the age of 8, Apostle Grace Lugeba attended a gospel crusade within the city suburbs that opened his eyes to behold wonders in God’s word. It is this encounter that started the minister’s transition into ministry.

What his eyes have seen, what his ears have handled, of the word of truth is what Apostle Lubega declares to men (1 John 1:1-3). His message is the very substance of what he has experienced and of the places that he has walked in and by the spirit. He teaches divine healing and demonstrates divine healing; he teaches divine providence and demonstrates divine providence; he teaches supernatural expansion and growth of ministry and demonstrates how a ministry supernaturally grows and expands.

He teaches the supernatural walk of the Christian and demonstrates the supernatural walk of the Christian. He is the message that he teaches.

Phaneroo Ministries with only 4 years hosts a weekly meeting that gathers 10,000 young people and adults. In 2018, 5000+ Professional Young men and women from Phaneroo ministries filled up the streets of Kampala to declare the glorious Gospel of Jesus. In the same month, 50,000 people attended the Phaneroo Anniversary.

Apostle Grace Lubega is married to Nicole Kavuma. The two got married in a simply lovely wedding on 9th March 2019.